MR8.3 1900KV 1/8 Buggy Competition Sensored Brushless Motor

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This is MR8.3 1900KV 1/8 Buggy Competition Sensored Brushless Motor.

Evolution makes for better power!

The all new MR8.3 series motor is by far the best motor to pair with the Maclan Racing 1/8th scale ESC. The MR8.3 has evolved with all we learned from its predecessors.

Shorter length, lower weight, and most importantly, the smoother power!!

  • 4.5 mm shorter in length.
  • up to 25g lighter in weight.
  • Redesigned stator and rotor which results in smoother power delivery and less power consumption.

Dual sensor ports with more robust end cap structure

The additional sensor port allows for the flexibility to install the sensor cable vertically or horizontally for easier wiring. The redesigned end cap structure reduces the chance of damage from impacts.

MR8.3 Motor Features

  • All new shorter (4.5mm) length and stronger end cap structure design.
  • All new stator and rotor design for smoother power delivery
  • Dual sensor ports for easier wiring.
  • Error free sensor unit design.
  • Staggered 4-pole-8-magnet with dual side balanced rotor design.
  • Heavy duty solder tabs.
  • Over sized precision dual ball bearings.
  • Completely rebuildable design with all parts readily available from Maclan Racing.
  • ROAR approval pending.