Premium Built & Tuned Maclan MRR 21.5 V2 Motor

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This is Maclan Racing MRR 21.5T Team Edition V2 Special Edition.


This special Pro-Built MRR Team Edition V2 puts the power of our team right into your hands. The Pro-Built motors start as our standard MRR Team Edition V2 stock wind motors, but this service now includes our ROAR approved PUHT rotor (MCL4144), our aluminum screw set (MCL4165), and hand matching to less than 2° on both the timing deviation and magnet asymmetry.


  • Assembled, matched, and tuned in the US.
  • PUHT, Premium Ultra High Torque (MCL4144) pre-installed.
  • Aluminum screw kit (MCL4165) pre-installed.
  • Matched and tuned with Motolyzer, all parts used are within the 2° tolerances**

**2° tolerances is based on our in house Motolyzer. Results may vary in different machines.


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