Maclan DRK 9000 mAh UHD-C Team Edition Drag Race Battery (QS8)

MCL6038 (Shipping Restrictions Apply)
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This is DRK 9000mAh UHD (Ultra High Discharge) Team Edition  Drag Race Battery. It is designed with the latest formula with ultra high discharge cells. It will provide the optimum voltage retention to the weight ratio in the outlaw NPRC. 

P/N:  MCL6038
Voltage: 7.4V
Capacity@7.4V: 9000mAh
Wires and Connector: 8AWG with authentic QS8
Weight:  410g  ± 10 g
Dimensions: 75x72x39mm
Warranty Note: 
Maclan Racing DRK UHD Team Edition Battery packs are designed to withstand the demanding conditions of drag racing. However, due to the harsh nature of the sport, including soldering, crashes, and varying track conditions, we cannot offer a warranty on these battery packs. Each pack is thoroughly tested and verified before being shipped to ensure it is free of manufacturing defects. It is important to use the battery packs responsibly and check them regularly to ensure they are in good working condition.