Maclan MRR 17.5T V4 Sensored Competition Motor

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This is Maclan MRR 17.5T V4 Sensored Competition Motor.

Maclan Racing proudly introduces the MRR V4/V4m competition motors, representing our latest and most innovative contributions to the world of RC racing. We’ve meticulously enhanced every aspect to elevate overall performance to new heights. The advancements in this generation are nothing short of remarkable, promising a discernible boost in performance. Here’s what you can expect:

1. American Craftsmanship: Our motors are engineered and developed right here in the United States, reflecting our commitment to quality and precision.

2. Regulation-Compliant Stator: We’ve introduced an all-new stator shape that conforms to the latest ROAR regulations, ensuring the highest level of legal performance.

3. Enhanced Sensor Placement: Our sensors have been strategically repositioned for more accurate readings, contributing to the motor’s precision and responsiveness.

4. Upgraded Rotor: In the V4 stock (13.5/17.5/21.5), the High Torque Rotor (silver) is now included as standard. There’s an optional all-new 12.5mm Premium Ultra High Torque Rotor (Purple) that can upgrade the performance to the next level.

The MRR V4/V4m motors are the culmination of Maclan Racing’s dedication to innovation and performance, making them the ideal choice for competitive RC racers looking to push the boundaries of their performance.

Detail Specifications

Short Stack: Yes
Case Length: 52mm
Case Diameter: 36.00mm
Shaft Extension: 14.00mm
Shaft Size: 3.17mm
Weight: 150g±2g
Screws Size (end cap): M2.5*P0.45*6L*4.3L
Screw Size (motor can): M2.3*P0.4*46.5L*10L
Front Bearing Size: R-2ZZ(Φ9.525*Φ3.175*3.9675t)
Rear Bearing Size: R-2ZZ(Φ9.525*Φ3.175*3.9675t)
Poles: 2-Pole
Default Rotor: High Torque Rotor (Silver) (P/N MC4336)
Optional Rotor: Premium Ultra High Torque Rotor (Purple) (P/N MCL4337)
ROAR Approved: Yes
Limited Factory Warranty: 30-Day