Maclan QS8 Anti-Spark Connector (ESC Side Male x1)

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This is Maclan Racing authentic QS8 connector (ESC side).

This QS8 connector features 8mm bullets with a wire end cover that can accommodate up to 6AWG wires. This QS8 connector is capable to handle a peak of 300A current. It also has an anti-spark design that eliminates the sparks when you plug in the battery to the ESC. It can prevent damage and extend the lifespan of connectors. It is the standard factory connector of the DRK 8300mAh battery pack.

Note: This is an optional part that requires highly skilled soldering techniques to attach to a battery pack without causing irreparable damage. Please have a professional technician perform the installation. If the battery is damaged due to this service, your factory warranty can be affected and or voided.